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I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia; grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia; now currently residing in London, UK.


I believe my love for art, crafting, fashion and design came naturally to me as I grew up in Indonesia. A place I am so lucky to call home, an abundance of beauty,  riddled with such complex history, lined with diversity and culture. 


And I don't think it will stop there. The wonders a simple needle and threads create always amazes me, I have yet still so much to explore!

I want to learn, share and collaborate with likeminded crafters out there :) 

If you are interested to work together, please do reach out to my contact details below:


MA Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovation

University of the Arts London | 2019 - 2020


BBA Branding and Marketing

Prasetiya Mulya University | 2015 - 2019


+44 (0) 7754402771

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